It’s My Turn

 “Harry was left to ponder in silence the depths to which girls would sink to get revenge.” ― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Split right along the thigh, a filigree stockings showed signs of abuse and my knees, a little bruised, were hidden a bit by the dark color of the fabric. I just finished a hard night, and everything in me hurt. By now I knew how to hide my mind and the fragile assembly of my soul from the harsh violence. The patrons demanded so much shame. “If I was a cyborg, a fleshy hole without a heart, they would be happy.” Perhaps that’s why I had the demand of so many, they loved violating not just my body, but my heart. My list was long and extensive, not that it included the famous, but the notorious. I fantasized long ago about bringing my skills to bear on those who had power over me. The slaps, the tortures, the drugs held at bay while I crawled for one hit. They made me lick, beg, and fuck for every little advantage. I was good at it now, the numbness helped me give all to the beck and call of these silly men. “Fuck this shit, it started when I was 5. My tits and ass have continued to call men from their holy sanctuaries to find their sin in my pure little body”. Now it was my turn.

I knelt, and looked at him, taking him in my mouth, like I was taught by my many black eyes and gasping breaths. My mind and life is a filthy list of commands and forced obedience. I’m hold the chains of your mind mister. While he held my hair, pulling it in his desire and forcing himself in my mouth, I reached down and slipped the Exacto knife from my boot. I took him deep and he smacked me hard, which thing I loved by now, it gave me energy, yes the rush to take my knife and shove it deep in his ass. His mouth dropped in agony, which looked to me just like an orgasm. I twisted the razor blade in his ass a couple times and then plunged it in his neck and hands. I took a lot of time to cut his fingers loose, disfiguring those hands which near choked me with his selfish desire,  setting them in a loose “fuck you” sign that none would mistake. “This was done by a whore, a bitch disfigured by lust and men. Yes, I did this, so fuck me hard, in the end I’ll splatter your whole life on the front page and your embarrassment will be more than the blood shed by my hate filled spree of revenge”.