Legend – The Truth or a Lie?

If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”
Adolf Hitler

Weaving a tale from the strangeness of existence, I recreate my life. Memories are clouded by the tainted and faded thoughts of days gone by. I hear words describing things that aren’t me, intertwined in the fabric of my being. What’s a lie? What if I really believed the things you said, can I be held accountable for those things that you planted in my mind? I’m tired of my story, weary of telling those things which leave everyone doubting that this really happened. Just forget it and let the years begin their retelling, which, as I grow older, becomes the fodder of legends. That’s good, a legend in my own mind, but, isn’t that were it really matters? In all of us there’s a tendency to remember incorrectly those things we experienced. Ask the witnesses to a major event, you’ll find that many accounts differ and even differ significantly. That’s the logic, however, as I said, it’s what I believe about the experience that affects me. What if I changed my mind about the trauma that happened to me? If I create a lie, if I can convince myself that this never happened, that I’m not what you say, will I be normal? Should I believe a lie so the world isn’t burdened by my pain? Will I tear apart the fabric of reality, to create a more palatable me?