Hear to Listen

“It’s like Sheriff Daniels sneezed, and they all caught the misinformation flu.” – Joe Schreiber, The Unholy Cause


 I will misunderstand the first story I hear. Things start to come into focus only after those initial reports. Observation of the facts is required as a rule of engagement for addressing my information and that requires careful listening, recognizing that I prejudice those things with my experiences of the past. My brain is quick to fill in the missing pieces of information, I compare it to my vision,  I’m quick to recognize a word with missing letters. This phenomenon is discussed in a Cambridge University study on cognition, I fill in the blanks and arrange the information according to my experience. To understand a story correctly requires time and listening for the missing letters.” When I feel inclined to jump to conclusions based on the first story, I’ll wait and look before I leap.