The Greatest Question

“Don’t you know that I’ll be around to guide you
Through your weakest moments to leave them behind you
Returning nightmares only shadows
We’ll cast some light and you’ll be alright
We’ll cast some light and you’ll be alright for now” – Zero7

Behind all the crazy things men do, in all the tears cried by women, even the thing that Jesus cried out, is this question:

 “Daddddddy whereeeeee arrrrreeeee youuuuuuu?”

Remember – Reaching out to the incarcerated

“The greater ignorance towards a country is not ignoring what its politicians have to say, it is ignoring what the inmates in its prisons have to say.” – Criss Jami

During the last couple of years I’ve been exposed to a whole sub culture of people who are presently incarcerated or have recently been incarcerated. A large percentage of these people are caught in a tangled web of addiction and recidivism. Its heartbreaking to hear the lonely voices, the cries of the broken people wanting their loved ones to understand and give them one more chance. I’ve seen them stranded in the prison, crying out for anyone to know they still exist. Don’t get me wrong, I know most of them deserve what they got. Nearly all of them made choices that directly relate to their present condition. Still, do we remember these people? Personally I’ve given huge amounts of time, money, and energy to assist those “locked down”. My heart hurts for them, I cannot help most of them, they are beyond the help of an individual, they need to determine to help themselves. But, how many of us should be there? Could be there? “There but for the Grace of God go I”, is the old saying. How can we understand, help, but still let our love be “tough love” and let them experience the repercussions of their actions? Take a minute today to remember those struggling with addictions, those dual diagnosed with both addictions and mental problems. Write to someone you know, volunteer to write someone you don’t know, or just simply pray for those in “the Big House”. The disciples asked Jesus, when did we see you in prison? He responded, “as you have done to the least of these you have done it to me.”

Also published in: Life As A Human Magazine
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So Your Confused About Me – A friends disturbing confession

 “You have a perfect right to consign us all to hell, rector, but you must allow us the choice of how we get there.Angus Wilson, The Pan Book of Horror Stories


A friend of mine shared this with me:

OK, yes I am a christian. I was born again spirit filled when I was 14. I spent the next 16 years of my life in ministry. I witnessed on the street. I led a bible study in high school, even sang worship songs in the halls with my guitar. I went to Christian College to get a degree to be a missionary. I was a youth pastor, bible teacher, worship leader, and whatever else I could do to talk about Jesus. I argued with pastors, teachers, other religions. I used my intellect to force many to concede to my truths. HOWEVER, there are two worlds inside me. That world is real, but, I have a horribly stained, damaged and wild side to me that has a rage that is incomparable, a lust unquenchable, and desire to please you that will make me compromise my own identity and security. So, I can see your confused, I help you, not just to help you, but because I feel like I HAVE to. You suspect somethings up, your right. If your a woman, I will likely lust after you. I will show you love, whether or not you want it and if I’m rejected then I’ll go off in a rage and take back all I gave you. OK, so, yes, I’m not perfect. Yes, I’m strange. Yes, I’m likely to flip on a dime if you hurt me and tear your head off. I’m likely to flip on dime if you don’t hurt me and tear your head off. You see I live in extremes. I’m either extremely in love with you, or I extremely hate you and wish you dead. I’m going all the way to help you or leave you lying there. My fault, I am changing though. Here is where my Christianity helps me. You think it a great offense when I say “FUCK YOU” or get pissed and beat someone’s ass or show signs of sexual desire and you mumble how unchristian I am. What you don’t realize is that I really want to hang your body on a meat hook and strangle you with your own intestines. No, really. Do you see how christian I am now by just saying “FUCK YOU”? Don’t look at the little “wrongs” I do, realize that in my nature of extremes, the fact that its a little wrong is actually a good thing, for both of us. Moderation in all things, that is my goal. Sorry if I offend you with my duality, my dichotomy as I like to refer it. But I do care, I do believe, and I am changing for the better. So if you are confused about me, you have a right to be so. So put that in your judgmental pipe and smoke it.