Never Forget Me

“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”
Albert Einstein


Explore my world, many facets of reality
Explore my world, many inspired moments
Open my palace of imagination
Open my spontaneity of creation
Experience my ride in the heights
Experience my flow of movement
A sound will bring me to you
A breeze will bring me to you

You will never forget me


My Chained Love – The neurosis of hanging on

“The scariest thought in the world is that someday I’ll wake up and realize I’ve been sleepwalking through my life: under-appreciating the people I love, making the same hurtful mistakes over and over, a slave to neuroses, fear, and the habitual.” 

I carry my chain with me where ever I go. It’s a pretty chain. At least everyone thinks it should be. I take it in my hands and play with it unconsciously. I catch myself looking at it when I pass a mirror, or in a reflection on the glass. At times it chokes me, when I sleep it tangles itself around my neck and irritates me. I’m worried it will break and I’ll lose it, or someone will want it more than me and take it from me. I’ve had this chain for many years. I’d give it away, but I thought I’d miss having it. It scared me to think of the loss I would feel,  not being able to play with it, or for it to catch my eye. I don’t think a new chain would be as good, after all, how can you replace the years I’ve invested in taking care of this one? I’ll probably die with it after all….


The Art of Distance – Keeping your space

“It’s so stupid because all I wanted was space and now that I have it, there’s this part of me that’s achingly lonely I could die.” ― Hannah Harrington, Saving June

It is crucial that I maintain my personal space, a time and an attitude where I realize and build my independence and self actuality. This is true especially when I am confronted with painful situations: loneliness, periods of failure, and breakups that make me vulnerable to giving up my personal space in order to escape pain and discomfort. During these moments I tend to seek the path of least resistance which, generally, is pleasure rather than discomfort. To begin to find that “distance” of being without losing myself (to people or things) I start by determining that I will have to feel pain and discomfort. Having decided that, the next step is to begin to use my resources, mental, spiritual, physical, to address my place in the social and physical world. Who am I? Have I spent time to find that out? Am I doing what I normally do? Am I doing things that are increasing or decreasing my independence? Am I spending enough time alone? Am I neglecting my personal responsibilities? These questions are used to determine if I am becoming too attached to a person or thing. spending a majority of my time, energy and money pursing that person, or thing, to the exclusion of my normal responsibilities is a violation of my space. I need to find myself, be myself, do what I know to be me. I shouldn’t spend too long with any one person or thing without spending some time alone to reflect on my progress of establishing and keeping my “space”. Separating myself for a moment, mentally, physically, or both, from my circumstance can help me make an art of being distant, of being myself in spite of my passionate involvement with my environment.


Breaking Adolescence: The Prayer Of The Girl

This is a post from a talented young lady who I’ve come to admire for her writings, enjoy.


All I ask for is quiet beauty;

Admiration from men, not fawning over my bosom,

but of my womanly ways.

Let my body not betray me,
to the confinement of a bed-
to my only knowledge being of how to pleasure men.

I hope to keep my face,
open and without tears,
of the foolish kind covered with foundation 
and “ageless” years.

If I become a mother,
I hope not to stay home,
as a prerequisite of marriage,
and until the burying of my bones.

I wish to be free,
let it be.



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Leaving the Nest – An allegory of beginnings

 “God gives every bird its food, but he does not throw it into the nest.” – Josiah Gilbert Holland

A quick flap, one wing extended awkwardly.

Eyes bright with youth, song adolescent
A quick flap, approaching the fable

A quick jump, on the side of the nest, back down.
Feathers ruffled, haphazard layers
A quick jump, on the edge now stable.

A quick tumble, upside down, one foot holding on
Muscles untrained, weak and strong aloft
A quick tumble, upright, wings able

A quick flap, a quick jump, a quick tumble around
Flight revolution in the making
A quick flap, now leaving the cradle…