The Wind – Fellowship of the wind –

“It’s the questions we can’t answer that teach us the most. They teach us how to think. If you give a man an answer, all he gains is a little fact. But give him a question and he’ll look for his own answers.”


I could feel the strength of the wind.
Fresh, dark, mystical wind.
On the shadowed side of the steep mountains,
clouds hovering, the wind teasing,
making smoke tails.
Strange feeling, exhilarating yet,
peaceful, almost entrancing,
the wind in my hair.
Smells, fresh, moist, sounds of a tree,
a falling comrade in the green forest,
all carried by the wind.
How is it that I fit in this mystery?
How is it I’m taken by this wind?
Like a seed carried away from my past,
by an ever present but constantly changing wind,
Dropping me pleasantly down
to finish my here and now.
Brother wind and I take flight.

Also published in Broowaha
First published in Opinions Of Eye


“If people were rain I was a drizzle and she was a hurricane.”  
– John Green, Looking for Alaska 

The hurricane was coming.
 No more wondering, no more warning.

Grabbing the tools to put up the ply, 
I began to work, an eye on the sky
Nail after nail, I secured what was mine, 
my loose ends are bound with white twine
Wind tugs my sweaty hair now, 
as horizontal drops begin to pound
Forgetting one thing in all the hurry, 
the open front door in rain now blurry
Rampaging through my unprotected gate, 
the raging storm expresses all of it’s hate
It’s all over with damage everywhere, 
all of my belongings strewn around there

I could have prevented this wind that blew, 
had I stopped myself from loving you


Beautiful Silence – Words never heard, but plainly understood

“He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words.”
Elbert Hubbard


Evening unexpected, a happening unforeseen

Things all new, before not a thought
Following the wild road
Only going where I don’t plan

Beautiful silence, the wind not whispering a thing
as it plays with your hair.
Beautiful silence, the moon quietly casting shadows
of our hands dancing together
Beautiful silence, the clouds a captive audience
to our tryst by the sea.

Seeing miracles as I let go
Holding you close a myth is born
The night still young with untapped energy
Laughter unfolds, unprovoked and easy

Beautiful silence, the wind not whispering a thing
as it plays with your hair.
Beautiful silence, the moon quietly casting shadows
of our hands dancing together
Beautiful silence, the clouds a captive audience
to our tryst by the sea.

Reality blurs into a dream
Thoughts quiet now except for the pursuit
Good things do happen, I take the chance
I wake with a smile, oh what a night.

Also published in Broowaha

It’s Illegal To Fly – A romantic encounter

“Do you love him?”
Deryn swallowed, then pointed at the screen. “He makes me feel like that. Like flying.”
  – Scott Westerfeld,

The following article was written by Anna Rindfleish, a talented author and blogger, in her blog, annaaa in a fairytaleee. Enjoy.

I can feel the sunshine on my skin,

The way it wraps you up in a cloth so smooth
It feels just as lovely as you once did 
Laying on hot sand next to me
Our shoulders would touch, and there’d be this awkward silence
Then you’d smile abruptly, stand, pick me up and rush
Headfirst like the linebacker you are, towards the crashing waves.
You’d laugh and I’d squeal, draped over your shoulder blades.
My dead weight was nothing to you

You use to kiss me under the water
When the waves came and I feared I’d be washed away
You use to say, “Babe, I’m right here,” 
You’d lean into me and kiss my forehead 
Plant your feet into the sand, your two hands gripping my face.
You’d kiss me and it would be sweeter than honey
Smoother than any diamond green money could buy
Bitter like straight whiskey-
You’d steal my breath from me.

I don’t like that my once cherished memories 
How they have these ways of sneaking up on me
I push them down; ignore the feelings
I avoid the places you might be
Close my eyes and count to three 
When I see someone who happens to look just like you.
I’m standing in the rain, its pelting drops mangles with tears
Molding my hair into knots, burning my skin like acid would.
I’m standing on a pier and I’m not supposed to be here.
A swell makes the waves crash over the wooden planks.
I should leave.
Then I remember the day we jumped.
A rush so rich, my heart thudded against my chest.
You held so tightly onto my hand
Then wrapped me in your arms just before we hit the water.

When we swam to shore we were arrested.
The cop asked us if it was worth it
You grinned at him so brilliantly, dripping salt water in the back seat of his squad car and said 
“Hell yeah.”
When the cop shook his head and asked why 

You said, “My baby wanted to know what it would be like to fly.”