You Are Not – A poet’s revenge against the Cliché –

“My life as well as my writing are guided by creed in lieu of clichés” ― Carl Henegan




You’re not like every cliché
repeated often till meaning dies
You’re like brilliant truth, 
revealing my weakness for your body
You’re not like a rose whose fragrance and beauty
are but an honorable mention
You’re like the smell of a thousand pines 
calling and seducing me to lay in your arms
You’re not like an angel whose wings
carried you to me from afar
You’re like mischievous devils 
whose temptations take me from reality to fantasy
You’re not like a song,
sung endlessly while children clap their hands
You’re like the sound of waves, 
crashing your sexuality over my beaches
You’re not like a gentle swan,
perfect beauty so many times compared
You’re like violent lightning, 
striking the lies of men and melting my soul to yours
You’re not like the ordinary,
the common seen on every poet’s page
You’re like the grandeur of space, 
possessing the beginning and ending of my life
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“You are my refuge, my sanctuary from everything that would harm me.”
Karen Essex,
Dracula in Love

When from great heights
The fall comes and meets
When heroes are born
courage from hearts weep
With naught but hardy
Willed fate with grace
They smell the fragrance
Of victory’s place
After the battle long
Has raged in early morn
Is the grateful experience
Of sanctuaries born
A quiet in the fray
A desperate plea is found
The conquered now a victor
Standing on holy ground