“Lies require noise and misdirection to blend in, silence is the best way to draw the truth to the surface.”
― Anna Pitoniak, Necessary People

A common ploy in order to mislead, to deceive, and to take advantage is to misdirect the attention to something less productive than the goal. The misdirection forces a look away from the path ahead, and, like in driving, very soon the original course is corrupted, bringing additional hurdles to overcome before the attention was turned away. Worry is a misdirection of the mind, pulling the strength and resources away from the course. Anger, likewise, excites the director to such a degree that a wrong decision is likely. Money and the choices to get ahead without the hard work and patience necessary, obscure and mislead, occupying the resources in efforts likely to fail. These dangers call for a continued and unrelenting assessment of choices made on the path forward to the ultimate goal.


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Words. Deep thoughts. Eccentric. Madness. Lover. Dark. Music. Melancholic. Beaches. Addict. Primal. Curious. Dichotomy. Gemini. "I am a series of small victories and large defeats, and I am as amazed as any other that I have gotten from there to here." - Charles Bukowski "I think and think and 99 times I'm wrong. But on the 100th time, I'm right." - Einstein

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