Collateral Damage – Know when to let go of that hell bent soul

“She doesn’t know what she is doing
Only acting on what was taught her
Behaving irrationally and using
Destroying those who loved her

She goes on with her life
Only causing pain
There is always strife
Collateral damage, no gain.” – DMW

Hurting people, hurt people. It is no surprise, when you chase a hell bent soul to the edge, that your drawn down after them. Stand strong on your ground and know when to let go. Some people cannot be rescued. They must live out their destiny, which they have chosen, and you must let go. Beware then of collateral damage, for their life is like an exploding bomb and you can be hurt without seeing the wound. Collateral damage, the best defense is to not be there.

“We met one day after I was diagnosed

But I didn’t tell you.

You liked Wes Anderson

So did I

You listened to Bright Eyes

I did too

And one day, you told me

That you liked me

But I didn’t

So I kissed you instead

And told you about

How I liked to be on top

And how I wanted you

To be rougher

And I didn’t want you

To say my name and ruin the mood

All the things that seem personal

But really aren’t

But you said it

You said

That you loved me

But I didn’t

And this time

You wanted more than a kiss

So I went and kissed your father instead
Right in front of you

I wanted you to remember me like that

You didn’t talk to me for weeks

And then you showed up on my doorstep

Happily drunk on misery

And you said I destroyed you

And you said

I destroyed you

I said, Oh Honey

I didn’t destroy you, I destroyed me, you were just

Collateral Damage”lickallbrook

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2 thoughts on “Collateral Damage – Know when to let go of that hell bent soul”

  1. We will have atleast one guy that will leave us with a broken heart before we pass on. It hurts like hell the pain is unbearable and it seems like the pain and loneliness will never go away. But it will get better each day. And looking back in years down the road you think how much you have learned and grown from the experience. You may lose the the love of your life but everything does happen for a reason. Meaninng that there is a guy out there that will love you like you have never been loved before.


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