The Queen – Chapter 5 – The Passion of the Queen

Urgently she grabbed my hand, I was still in shock at having handled myself so competently. She knew what she could make men do, her little mischievous smile told me that she was well aware of her skill. Taking me to a door, barely recognizable from years of graffiti sprayed on it, blending it in with the dark sticky walls of the alley, she pushed it open with a nudge and we entered another world alien from that of the putrid alley, but still as foreboding, mysterious. The lights were dim, but gave an ambiance that said, pleasure. She turned, letting her jacket slide off slowly, showing first one shoulder then the other. I leaned against the wall, this was not a show for her patrons, this was animal desire controlling and forcing her to do what she wanted. My eyes caught the dull red of a dragon inked on the back of her neck, winding its way around her body, drawing my attention downward, as her coat slid off more. A soft thud as it fell to the ground revealing the rest of the dragon, continuing on its journey past her firm sculptured stomach and down her thigh. She slid in close to me, her soft hands pressing against my mouth, quelling my surprise, increasing my desire. She whispered with her Queen voice, captivating my whole being with her seductive charm, explaining that I’d seen her dance many nights, but this night, this night I would feel her dance. Closing my eyes with her hands, she directed me on a journey of curves and motion around her body, every part of her soft, yet firm through years of dancing in her throne room. Skin on skin, perspiration peeking up from our heated exchange. I can hear my breathing, feel her moving, hearing her soft sighs, increasing as her movements became a frenzy of passion. I can hear her breathing, deeper and fuller, feeling her soft wet kisses given at intervals that teased and called a fiery lust from deep inside of me. My Queen, tonight you have made me a King. After all, this is why I work my mundane, back breaking job, so I might protect her and escape from the listless world that was mine, outside this Queen’s castle.

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